Who We Are

Working together to protect our youth from substance abuse, to foster a safe community and to establish an ongoing network for:


We understand the challenges of raising teenagers and encourage an acknowledgement between parents:

“I’m letting you know… Because I would like you to let me know… what is going on with our teens”.

We facilitate ongoing communication, exchange resources and build momentum toward needed change in attitudes and beliefs about substance use among our youth.

We promote a non-judgmental approach to engage our community in supporting positive development and wellness of our youth.

We strive to build consensus toward common goals, focus groups and prevention measures that can thrive in our community.

We believe that working side by side, neighbor with neighbor, is essential to effective intervention.

We welcome everyone to our meetings and events and are committed to strengthening coalition

“None of us is immune to the challenges we face to raise kids and keep them safe from the consequences of substance abuse.”

– Coalition member

Please join OCADA’s endeavor to make our coalition a truly community-based commitment to our youth


Snapshot Timeline of OCADA Highlights:

2008 – Superintendent initiates a task force to address underage drinking in response to community concerns and

incident reports from high school football games.

2009 – Task Force of parents, community leaders and school administration meets on a regular basis; School District adopts “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” campaign to inform parents about the legal liability of hosting parties and serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

2010 Cottage Meeting Pilot offers small facilitated forums to educate parents about the truth and consequences of teen substance abuse. This pilot serves as a model for Neighborhood Meetings. Information and support resources get translated into Creole and Spanish.

2011 – DFC Mentoring Grant is awarded to SOCASA (South Orangetown Community Awareness of Substance Abuse), Wellcore for Nyack’s Task Force to establish our own coalition. A mission statement is adopted and grant-funded activities are implemented.

2012 – Nyack High school SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) creates our acronym name, “O.C.A.D.A.” and we brand our new logo with a Press Release and district-wide mailing to over 2500 families. We celebrate our first year as a coalition with a community-wide party, featured in the front page section of the Journal News.

2013 – Aggregate number of community members who have attended an OCADA meeting, event or workshop exceeds 1,000! We mobilize to gather facts about marijuana’s effect on the development of the teenage brain and we adopt a challenge to change some common misconceptions in our community about marijuana.

2014 In the first year of our Drug Free Communities Grant, we develop a strategic prevention framework for the next four years of growth to reflect DFC goals. Our 3rd Annual OCADA Community Party and Big Screen Movie in the Park is a big hit with over 700 in attendance. We launch our new website to strengthen communication and increase our network of information and support for the greater community.



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