Neighborhood Meetings – A Cornerstone for OCADA Outreach and Coalition Development

The goal of Neighborhood Meetings is to encourage a wider and ongoing conversation about substance abuse in a more intimate setting.  Ultimately, we want to involve more families to mobilize our community toward change.

Neighborhood Meetings take place in community centers, common gathering places and homes throughout our community.  They are facilitated in English, Creole and Spanish. Our Latina Familia and Haitian Family Focus Groups operate as extensions for greater coalition involvement.  The issues and concerns we all share transcend language barriers.

Parenting “Quick Tips” reiterate basic but often forgotten truths.  The open and often poignant conversations that transpire during Neighborhood Meetings validate concerns and provide “safe space” to brainstorm ideas for shared solutions.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting or participating in a Neighborhood Meeting close to you.

 “Neighbor to neighbor, we come together and choose to take a look at complicated issues which impact us all.”

– Lisa Retallack, OCADA Project Coordinator


Late Night Friday Night Events for Teens (in collaboration with Nyack Center) – Promotes substance-free fun, in a safe and alternative party settingAll events are free; open to local teens, aged 14-18.

“Our Friday Night events are a wonderful free, drug free, alcohol free, option for teens on the weekends.”

– Kim Cross, Executive Director Nyack Center


“OCADA’s Friday Night events draw between 100-150 teens from all over Rockland County. The kids are getting a voice and they are able to call Nyack Center ‘their place.’”

–Nicole Hines, Assistant Director, Nyack Center


“It is good to have something to do other than being on the street. It is good to be with friends instead of getting into trouble.”

-Teen Council member


Click here for website calendar for schedule of events.

Truth and Consequences of Underage Drinking  – Distribution in English, Spanish and Creole.

Get Dressed Up, Not Messed Up Pre Prom Campaign – Encourages our high school seniors to make good choices and good memories by choosing to be alcohol and drug free during prom season.

“Wishes for a Safe and Healthy Future” Campaign –  Letters written from 5th to 12th graders.

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