We work together to protect our youth from substance abuse, to foster a safe community, and to establish a network for Information, Awareness, Support Without Judgment, and Change
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“We offer school- and community-based programs and opportunities for adults and teens to collaborate and make an impact.”
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Contact OCADA to get more information, get involved, and sign up for OCADA Neighborhood Meetings. Join OCADA’s endeavor to make our coalition a truly community-based commitment to our youth.
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How Addiction Happens


Gary and Chris lost their oldest son, Alex, to an accidental heroin & fentanyl overdose. Alex died on his 22nd birthday, in December, 2015. After Alex’s passing, Gary, Chris, and their other son, Charlie, gave presentations to teens and parents …

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Teaching Teens The Perils Of Pot As Marketplace Grows


Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News WESTMINSTER, Calif. — After Yarly Raygoza attended the drug prevention program at the Boys & Girls Club here last year, she used what she learned to talk a few friends out of using marijuana. The …

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Should Emergency Rooms Cut Back on Opioid Use?


As the U.S. struggles with an opioid epidemic, with almost 500,000 individuals dying from opioid overdoses since 2000, one study may shed light on how “overprescribed” such medications might be. Despite the fact that opioid analgesics remain a first-line treatment for …

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Study: Understanding Addiction in the Adolescent Mind


University of Pittsburgh researchers develop brain sensor tech to understand why young people are more vulnerable than adults to highly addictive substances Several studies have provided strong evidence that adolescents—people in their teens to early twenties—have a higher vulnerability than …

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Social Media Is Harming The Minds Of Our Youth, Right? Maybe Not.


Natalie Jacewicz It was 1:30 a.m., and Anna was trying to keep her mind off her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had ended a painful relationship hours earlier. It was too late to call the therapist she was seeing to cope …

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